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Add Profitable, High Ticket Offers To Your Events Easily!

Luxury Offer Lab:
How to put together a high ticket offer that you can sell at your own event

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Welcome to LuxuryOffer Lab, where we unlock the secrets to mastering profitable brand events.



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 Host not only luxurious events but also PROFITABLE events??

In this exclusive session:

  • Uncover the trade secrets of putting together high-ticket offers. Learn what sets them apart at luxurious events.

  • Discover the significance of high-ticket offers and why they're crucial for maximizing profits at luxurious events. Gain insights into their impact on your business's growth and success.

  • Learn the art of crafting irresistible high-ticket offers that resonate with your audience. Discover proven strategies to create offers that people will eagerly embrace and invest in at your luxurious events.

Big Sales Breakthroughs!


Dr Avis Jones - DeWeever (2).png

Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever

Hosted an event and brought in $1.2 Million Dollars in 3 days!
Dr. Shamieka Dean (1).png

Dr. Shamieka Dean

Hosted an event with 30 people and made over $300,000 in 3 days!
Odell Bizzell (2).png

Odell A. Bizzell

Hosted an event with 17 people and made over $85,000 in 3 days!
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Why LuxuryOffer Lab Masterclass?

In an era where standing out is not just an option but a necessity, crafting a luxury brand that commands attention and devotion is an art form. The LuxuryOffer Lab Masterclass is designed to be your guide in navigating the intricate world of exclusive, high-profit brand sales experiences for only $47 to hold your seat.

You have been wanting to host 7-figure sales events for a while now. It is even on your vision board year after year. We understand the weight of your aspirations and the complexity that comes with them. 

You have been wanting this for so long that you have been secretly going to other people’s “exclusive” events just to see how they are doing it. You have been so impressed and in awe of how they have been able to command the room and inspire their audience to open their wallets and spend even MORE money. 


Navigating the multitude of considerations with event planning can easily become overwhelming. Questions like how to sell tickets, determining the right event pricing to ensure a profitable return, orchestrating a seamless flow, and strategically introducing high-ticket offers can leave you at a loss at where to start first. It's at this precise point that our expertise steps in.


We know that the road to hosting successful high-end, high-profit brand experiences can be challenging.



Learn proven techniques to create and position intimate, luxurious, high-end, high-profit brand in-person experiences that resonate with your target market.



Elevate your brand image and build a reputation synonymous with premium quality and value with intimate, luxurious, high-end, high-profit brand in-person experiences.



Discover the psychology behind converting leads into high-paying customers through irresistible in-person experiences.



Acquire the skills to price your intimate, luxurious, high-end, high-profit brand in-person experience for maximum profitability without compromising value.



Connect with other like-minded individuals and potential collaborators, expanding your network in the world of luxury high-end, high-profit brand in-person experiences.

Luxury Offer Lab How to put together a high ticket offer that you can sell at your own eve
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Ready to create profitable events and offers that are innovative, luxurious, and transformational?

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Who should attend?

Personal Brand Business Owners seeking to elevate their brands with a sophisticated event business model to their current 6-Figure business that converts clients into High Ticket Offers from the stage.


If you're ready to make 5-7 figures with your own Exclusive, High-profit, and Luxurious events, this masterclass is for you!

On the flip side, this masterclass is NOT for you if:


  • You are STILL comfortable with what you have been doing and are not interested in adding high-profit luxurious events.

  • You harbor skepticism regarding your event’s ROI. Your doubts are greater than your excitement of potential profits.

  • Do you prefer Online or Virtual Events? You believe virtual events offer the same ROIs and profits as high-profit luxurious in-person experiences.

  • You are reluctant to allocate major resources. You are against considering a possible five-figure budget for your event. You think allocating such a substantial sum towards a high-yielding event is impractical.

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Step into the realm of unparalleled brand excellence with LuxuryOffer Lab: How to put together a high ticket offer that you can sell at your own event

LuxuryOffer Lab: How to put together a high ticket offer that you can sell at your own event

Will be hosted on March 14th at 6 PM ET.


Our mission is to help you make 5-7 figures in 3 days by leveraging the power of transformative events and strategic stage selling. 

Meet Dr. Shanna:


Dr. Shanna M. Scott is the owner and CEO of Shanna Scott PR & Events: Million Dollar Event Strategists Where Transformative Events Meet Profitable Outcomes. At Shanna Scott PR & Events, we help you add a sophisticated event business model to your current 6-Figure business that converts clients into High Ticket Offers (HTO) through strategic Client Acquisition Experiences (CAE), ensuring profitable outcomes.

Whether you're overwhelmed by the event complexities, facing budget concerns, or uncertain about team support and coordination, Shanna Scott PR & Events is your dedicated partner in turning these challenges into triumphs. 


Our luxury lifestyle and transformational events are designed to elevate your brand, attract your desired clientele, and monetize your business. With a focus on Five Star Media messaging, we create an unforgettable experience that resonates with your audience and drives results.


Work with us with us to have your day, your way, without worry or stress. We go beyond event management – we are your catalyst for business growth. Together, let's make your events not only successful but transformative. Because we believe in the might and power of events to impact your bottom line positively.

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