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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Profitable Event Experience?

The Profitable Event Experience is an exclusive masterclass designed to elevate your event planning skills and take your live events to the next level. Led by Dr. Shanna Scott PR & Events, it provides valuable insights and strategies for creating highly successful and profitable live events.

Who is Dr. Shanna Scott?

Dr. Shanna Scott is an experienced Events Strategist with over 20 years in the industry. She has a track record of delivering high-quality, profitable events, generating over $2 million in sales. Dr. Shanna specializes in guiding high-performance professionals to 6-7 figure profits through expert event management, strategy, and sales support.

What will I learn in the masterclass?

In the masterclass, you'll learn how to curate unforgettable event experiences, captivate your audience, convert enthusiasm into action, refine your upselling skills, and much more. The goal is to help you create memorable and profitable events.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we are so confident that this masterclass will benefit you that if you are NOT satisfied for ANY reason, you'll receive a FULL refund, plus an additional $100.

What kind of support is provided after the masterclass?

Empire Building Events goes beyond traditional event planning; we act as dedicated mentors, helping you cultivate the right mindset for success and offering comprehensive event and travel management services, even after the masterclass is over.

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