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We make you money.

Events are powerful! Reach your target audience through transformative events and sell from the stage. We specialize in luxury lifestyle and transformational events & messaging. Our event production firm regards itself as a creative, customer focused with Five Star Media messaging and events that attract your desired clientele and monetize your business. Our Event producers are highly trained, resourceful, competent and a major strength in the industry.   Have your day, your way and without worry or stress. We offer services to help entrepreneurs, coaches and small businesses make 5-7 figures in a single event!


We’ve provided positive results from our previous clients and pretty sure will do for you too. Here is a rundown of everything Shanna Scott PR & Events can do for you. 


Virtual Events

We help you produce your virtual events. We run the behind the scenes for you and give you all the necessary tools and training required for a successful event.

Hosting virtual events can be extremely profitable. Virtual events can be cost effective, enabling businesses with limited budgets to hop in and offer their own unique expertise. 

At Shanna Scott PR & Events, we support the complete planning and implementation of your virtual event. We provide thorough assessment for you to create an event that best suits your needs. To ensure success, we provide event support for attendees and presenters before and during the live event. 


Event Strategy

Go Guerrilla! As your partner, we go beyond traditional marketing  when scheduling marketing events—we gather valuable sales intelligence and creativity that you can leverage to steer your targeting. Utilizing proprietary methodologies and metrics, we help you develop the relationships that will generate long-term value for your organization.

At Shanna Scott PR &  Events, we fill multiple roles as you transition your sales team, your messaging and your lead generation activities to accommodate important changes.

Our experienced team do the heavy lifting of sales—dedicating the time and diligence to deliver quality, sales-ready prospects—so you can focus on what’s important: closing more business.


Event Consulting

Let our highly adept and experienced team of sales consultants help you turn up the volume and amplify your reach.

We provide a strategic sales consulting service to help you define your ideal target markets, open up new markets, launch breakthrough brands, produce profitable events, build ongoing momentum for ongoing business success, and increase the scale you have built within your sales team. Together, we will help you succeed and exceed your revenue goals.


We passionately believe that the best route to success comes from a specific, measurable, adaptable, realistic, timely, and comprehensive simplified market strategy and sales plan. We understand the unique sales challenges that startup companies face.


Event Management

Strategic partnerships and event expertise:

Shanna Scott Events experienced sales experts will design and produce a fully customized event. We will be available to help your exhibitors and sponsors find, book and optimize events for success.

Analyzed Reporting:

You'll get valuable insights about the experiences attendees have viewed and booked for your future conferences. We will provide data that showcases the after-event your conference brought to your sponsors and the surrounding area.


Event Sales

We develop your sales plan and help you reach your goals. We use a 3 step sales funnels and effective marketing to ensure that sales goals are met with different methods to make sure clients are ready on enrolling to your respective sales program.

We develop sales processes in a way that allows you to keep your costs in line with your growth. With over 25 years of practice and experience we have helped  businesses grow rapidly with effectively launching and building a deep and valuable sales funnel and repeatable sales process. We can move fast to build, test, and deliver the plan that will work for you.


Enrollment and Fulfillment

Serve and retain your clients who have enrolled in your program to the fullest!  We provide support for you to ensure that contracts are signed, information is given out to the clients to ensure a smooth transition for your program.

We stay on for up to 2 weeks to ensure that your clients questions are answered and all of the processes are fulfilled and that your client has everything they need to ensure successful completion of the program.

We will assist you and make handling the business side of things as easy and seamless as possible along with our ability to create a strong professional reputation, so you can focus on what really matters: maximize ROI.


Live Events

We provide support onsite management  and the lead entire event experience to ensure that your clients are ready to enroll in your respective programs. 


We will help you manage all parts of the event and define your goals to decide what is best for you and your company. Whether it is a retreat, conference, seminar or any type of in person event!


Curriculum and Program Planning

We provide support to build your agendas, run a show (ROS), and programs at a glance (PAG) according to the best practice and the topic of your program. We also take it a step further to provide consultation on your curricula to ensure your clients make a notable transformation while enrolled in your program.

This is a specialty service that we provide to ensure that your programs are aligned to sound very attractive to your clients.

We will help you implement policy control, standardize contracts and gain deeper insight into your program’s fragmented event spend. We will help you become an online marketplace and platform that empowers to scale.

Any event, whether big or small, done locally or as a destination event, will benefit from the help of an event professional. Every event is memorable and always has a cause and it should be stress-free, chaos-free, and absolutely profitable for you.


Call us today to find out how you can make your next event profitable.

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