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Event Planner School



Welcome to the world-renowned Event Planner School, where dreams become extraordinary realities! Since our establishment in 2014, we have been empowering aspiring event professionals to soar to new heights and build powerful, thriving event planning businesses. With our exclusive 8-week study program, we have crafted an exceptional curriculum that focuses on three key pillars: Rendezvous, Rigor, and Results

This Program Is For You If...

You are a new events business.

You're chasing your dreams. And you've come quite far. Yet, you have some unanswered questions left. Questions that you'll find answers to here.

You are an established event organizer.

You're working 24/7. But even in high season you aren't full booked. We will help you reach your target goals and earn 5-7 figures.

A six figure event is your dream.

This thought frightens, but it's amazes. You want to take the first step, but don't know where to start. This will help you make the leap.

Youve done it all.

You've already reached your goal. Yet, you feel something is not right. You need someone to motivate you to move forward. We're here to give you that push.


Train With THE Million Dollar Event Conversion Strategist, Dr. Shanna M. Scott!

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Event Planner School or EPS was founded in 2014. Our mission was to make each of our students become a professional event planner. We offer an Event Planner Masterclass that provides business and self-employment guidance for our students. We will equip you with the knowledge of best practices in the industry such as marketing, financial and managerial skills that will help you stand out from the crowd. This masterclass will help you master the art of event planning and demonstrate skills reclined to succeed as a professional event planner.


Welcome to the world-renowned Event Planner School, where dreams become extraordinary realities! Since our establishment in 2014, we have been empowering aspiring event professionals to soar to new heights and build powerful, thriving event planning businesses. With our exclusive 8-week study program, we have crafted an exceptional curriculum that focuses on three key pillars: Rendezvous, Rigor, and Results.

At Event Planner School, we understand that the success of an event lies in the seamless fusion of creativity and precision. Through our Rendezvous module, we ignite your imagination and guide you on a journey to create unforgettable experiences. We delve into the art of crafting awe-inspiring concepts, designing breathtaking environments, and curating captivating moments that leave lasting impressions on every attendee.

In the world of event planning, attention to detail is paramount. Our Rigor module equips you with the indispensable skills and knowledge needed to meticulously plan and execute flawless events. From budgeting and vendor management to logistics and crisis management, we leave no stone unturned. Our industry-leading instructors, seasoned professionals themselves, share invaluable insights and strategies to ensure you possess the resilience and finesse required to surpass client expectations.

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At Event Planner School, we believe that true success is measured by tangible outcomes. That's why our Results module focuses on transforming your passion into a profitable enterprise. We guide you through the intricacies of business development, marketing, and client acquisition, enabling you to cultivate a thriving event planning business. Our tried-and-tested techniques, combined with practical case studies, arm you with the tools to attract high-profile clients, secure lucrative contracts, and consistently achieve remarkable results.

To augment your learning experience, our program incorporates a practical component that sets us apart from the rest. As a Profitable Production Protégé, you will complete 100 hours of hands-on experience under the guidance of industry experts. This invaluable opportunity allows you to immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of event planning, refine your skills, and build a robust professional network that will propel your career forward.


Join us at Event Planner School and unlock your limitless potential. Embark on a transformational journey that will redefine your understanding of event planning, igniting your creativity, sharpening your expertise, and catapulting you towards unprecedented success. Don't just dream of a thriving event planning business—make it a reality with Event Planner School. Enroll today and take your first step toward an extraordinary future!

WE believe in 3 production principles at EPS —Rendezvous, Rigor, and Results—for the Event Planner School (EPS):

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1. Creative Conceptualization: Teach students how to generate innovative event ideas, develop unique themes, and create compelling narratives that resonate with the target audience.
2. Event Design and Styling: Explore the principles of design, color theory, spatial planning, and decor selection to create visually stunning and immersive event environments.
3. Guest Experience Management: Focus on enhancing the attendee journey through meticulous attention to ambiance, entertainment, interactive elements, and personalized touches.
4. Vendor Collaboration: Train students on establishing fruitful partnerships with suppliers, artisans, and performers to seamlessly execute their creative vision.
5. Technology Integration: Introduce students to cutting-edge event technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and event apps, to elevate the overall experience and engagement.

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1.Project Management: Teach students how to create detailed event timelines, manage resources effectively, and coordinate multiple tasks to ensure smooth execution.
2. Budgeting and Financial Management: Provide students with the skills to develop accurate budgets, negotiate contracts, track expenses, and optimize financial resources.
3. Logistics and Operations: Cover logistics planning, transportation, venue selection, floor plan design, health and safety regulations, and contingency planning.
4. Vendor and Supplier Management: Educate students on how to identify, vet, and manage vendors, negotiate contracts, and oversee timely delivery of goods and services.
5. Risk Assessment and Crisis Management: Prepare students to anticipate and mitigate potential risks, handle unexpected challenges, and maintain composure during high-pressure situations.


1. Business Development and Marketing: Equip students with strategies for branding, positioning, lead generation, and effective marketing techniques to attract and retain clients.
2. Client Relationship Management: Teach students how to cultivate strong client relationships, understand their needs, and deliver exceptional customer service.
3. Pricing and Proposal Development: Guide students in setting competitive pricing structures, creating persuasive proposals, and effectively communicating the value of their services.
4. Networking and Industry Connections: Foster opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals, attend industry events, and build a strong professional network.
5. Performance Measurement: Train students to assess the success of their events by analyzing key performance indicators, gathering client feedback, and continuously improving their services.

By covering these essential points within the Rendezvous, Rigor, and Results principles, EPS will provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education to future event professionals, setting them up for success in the dynamic and demanding field of event planning.

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Event Planner School Modules:

General event planner track

In this track, we will provide you with a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essential business and self-employment skills necessary to operate an event planning business. We will also cover important topics related to self-employment, such as time management, networking, and building a strong client base.

01. You-ology: Visions & Mission

In this module, event planner proteges’ will learn about the importance of having a clear vision and mission for themselves and their lives, as well as the concept of knowing oneself and what one wants in life. The module will explore the idea that a person's life and legacy are intimately connected to their personal vision and mission, and that developing these elements can provide a framework for making meaningful choices and achieving personal and professional success.

02.  Introduction to Events

Welcome to the exciting world of event planning! In this module, we will provide an overview of the events industry and the various types of events that you may be responsible for planning. We will also explore the key skills and qualities that make a successful event planner, such as creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to work under pressure.

03.  Events as a Business (Contracts, Taxes)

In this module, we will discuss the business side of event planning. We will explore the legal and financial considerations that come with running an event planning business, including contracts, taxes, and insurance. We will also provide guidance on how to manage client expectations, set pricing, and ensure that your business is profitable.

04.  Relationships (Vendors)

Relationships are key to success in the event planning industry. In this module, we will focus on developing and maintaining positive relationships with vendors, such as caterers, photographers, and event venues. We will explore effective communication strategies, negotiation techniques, and best practices for building long-term partnerships.

05.  Marketing is an Event

In this module, we will explore the art of event marketing. We will discuss how to effectively promote events to target audiences, including social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. We will also explore the role of branding in event marketing and how to create a consistent brand message across all marketing channels.

06.  Sales

In this module, we will focus on the art of selling events. We will explore different sales techniques, including consultative selling, value-based selling, and relationship selling. We will also provide guidance on how to develop effective sales pitches and how to close deals with potential clients.

07. Event Strategy

In this module, we will focus on developing a strategic approach to event planning. We will explore how to define event goals and objectives, how to develop a comprehensive event plan, and how to measure event success. We will also explore how to manage risks and handle unexpected challenges that may arise during events.

08. Budgeting & Pricing

In this module, you will learn the fundamentals of budgeting and pricing for events. You will gain an understanding of the various factors that contribute to the overall cost of an event, and how to create a comprehensive budget that aligns with your client's vision and goals. Additionally, you will learn how to set pricing for your services and create customized pricing strategies that work for your business.

09. Business Plan

In this module, you will learn how to create a strong business plan that supports your event planning business. You will learn how to conduct market research, identify target markets, and develop a brand strategy that sets you apart from competitors. Additionally, you will learn how to create a sales and marketing plan that drives business growth and sets you up for long-term success.

Secondary Track : Specialized

10. Introduction to Event Planning

1. Guest speaker sessions featuring successful event planners sharing their experiences and insights

2. Case studies of notable events and their impact on the industry

3. Group discussions on the various roles and responsibilities of an event planner

11.  Event Concept Development

1. Brainstorming sessions for generating creative event ideas and themes

2. Group exercises to create mood boards and visual representations of event concepts

3. Guest lecture on storytelling techniques and its application in event planning

12.  Event Design and Styling

1. Hands-on workshops on color theory and design principles

2. Field trips to event venues or design studios for inspiration and practical exposure

3. Group projects to create event design proposals with mood boards, floor plans, and visual mock-ups

13. Logistics and Operations Management

1. Simulation exercises to plan event logistics, including transportation, setup, and teardown

2. Guest lecture by a venue management professional on best practices for venue selection and negotiation

3. Case studies on real-life events showcasing effective logistics planning and execution

14.  Vendor and Supplier Management

1. Role-playing activities for contract negotiation and vendor communication scenarios

2. Group project to create a comprehensive vendor management plan for a specific event type

3. Guest lecture by a vendor or supplier representative to provide insights into the industry perspective

15.  Budgeting and Financial Management

. Practical exercises to develop event budgets and cost estimations for different event scenarios

2. Group discussions on effective cost-saving strategies and resource allocation

3. Case studies analyzing budgeting challenges and solutions in event planning

1. Interactive sessions on personal branding and creating a unique value proposition

2. Role-playing activities for pitching and presenting event planning services to potential clients

3. Guest lecture by a marketing expert on digital marketing strategies specifically tailored for event planners

16. Marketing and Client Acquisition

17. Event Execution and Evaluation

1. Simulation exercises for event day management, including timeline creation and on-site coordination

2. Group projects to develop crisis management plans and handle unexpected event scenarios

3. Post-event evaluation sessions to analyze success metrics and identify areas for improvement

EPS Graduates.png

Specialized Tracks

  • Familiar Events – Weddings, Birthday Parties, Themed Parties, Wedding Anniversaries, Family Reunions, Baby Showers, Class Reunions

  • Social Events - Holiday Parties, Fundraising

  • Government Events - Military & Transformational

  • Corporate Events – Conferences​, Corporate Outings, Team Building Activities

  • Transformation Events – Online Virtual Conference, Live Events, Masterminds, Retreats

  • Religious Events - Ministry Functions

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What You Get:

  1. You will get hands on training. You will be working with event professionals to provide practicum

  2. You will learn about the role and obligations of professional event planners and the techniques and processes used to design and execute a variety of family, corporate, government, transformation, religious, and social events based on client needs and input.

  3. You will be provided with instructions on the basic structure of family, corporate, government, transformation, religious, and social events as well as the basic business and self-employment skills necessary to operate an event planning business.

  4. You will learn how to outline the role of the event planner and explain the importance of the interview process in determining the budget, size, and style of events.

  5. You will learn to Identify the various events associated with event planning, including birthdays, silent auctions, religious celebrations, wedding, military, and showers, and describe the processes that must be followed to successfully schedule and plan these events.

  6. You will learn how to describe the responsibilities associated with planning and organizing an event, including working with vendors and selecting venues.

  7. You will learn how to summarize the important business considerations involved in running an event planning business, such as financial management, business planning, marketing, and staff considerations.

  8. You will get a Certificate & Diploma and the opportunity to be part of Shanna Scott PR & Events.

This program is designed to provide the practical skills and connections that you need as a professional to succeed in the industry—In the midst of this pandemic we are running a special offer where you can be your best self, all the fees are wave.

  1. Shanna Scott PR & Events is an award-winning event and sales management firm that produces turnkey luxury corporate events for entrepreneurs, coaches, corporate entities, government, and businesses. At Shanna Scott PR & Events, our professional and expert staff focuses on providing quality, comprehensive, innovative services in event and travel management, so our clients can maximize their return on investments.

  2. Dr. Shanna M Scott is an Events Strategist and owns the award-winning firm Shanna Scott PR & Events. Shanna is highly trained, resourceful, competent, and a major strength in the events industry with over 20 years of training and experience producing high-quality and profitable events. Her experience and passion include designing events and developing programs through her signature systems to achieve objectives and financially lucrative results. Dr. Shanna has led and been part of teams that have made over $2M in sales and that number is rapidly increasing.

  3. As an Event Strategist and Certified Event Producer™, Dr. Shanna leads high-performance coaches, speakers, authors and experts to profits of 5-6 (soon 7) figures in a single virtual or live event by managing, strategizing or teaching all mechanics and logistics involved with the event. She also provides services such as training and support in closing clients’ sales (enrolling); reducing client attrition by providing assistance in designing curricula and programs (fulfillment); as well as ensuring seamless enrollment and evaluation up to 2 weeks post-event. Dr. Shanna has a set of twin daughters who are 24-year-old twin

EPS Graduates.png
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