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Total Profit


01. Inroduction & Metrics

  • Introduction to Event Marketing

  • Types of Events

  • Role in Business Growth

02. Pre-Event Marketing

Learn the essential pre-event marketing strategies)

  • Identifying Your Avatar

  • Knowing Your Numbers

  • Branding for Events

03. Social Media

Learn how to leverage social media for your event

  • Identifying Platforms

  • Content Congruency on Social Media

  • Posting Strategies

04. Digital Ads

Learn how to use ads to market your event

  • Introduction to Digital Advertising

  • Understand how ads work

  • Utilizing Technology and Bots

05. Email Marketing

Learn how to build and leverage your email list

  • List Building Strategies

  • Email Triggers

  • Email Sequences

06. Strategic Partnerships

Learn how to build partnerships for your event

  • Understanding the Importance of Strategic Partnerships

  • Identifying and Leveraging Networking Groups

  • Getting on Other People’s Stages

07. Sponsorships

Learn how to obtain sponsors for your event

  • What Sponsorships Are &Why You Need Them

  • How to Get Sponsors

  • Maximizing Profitable Sponsorships

08. Contests & Challenges

Learn how to increase participation and excitement for your event

  • Introduction to Contests

  • Different types of Challenges

  • Strategies for Implementation

Are You Ready?

Learn how to use intelligent event marketing strategies to:

  • Master event marketing strategies for unparalleled event success

  • Ensure your events capture attention and anticipation with digital ads and social media engagement

  • Gain mastery in identifying, negotiating, and fostering strategic partnerships and sponsorships

  • Craft compelling content across all platforms to captivate audiences and drive engagement.

  • Accelerate your learning through practical insights and activities

Get Your Total Profit Event Marketing Course Now for - $2500

Good fortune is what happens when when opportunity meets with planning.

- Thomas Edison

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